Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And 1 more makes 6!

I have recently announced to family and friends that I am expecting a baby due this August. My children are thrilled. I get everything from the "Are you crazy?" to "Congratulations". Truth is, I have wanted to have at least 4 children my whole life. If I would have married younger and had children sooner it might have been more. My hubby and and I have had no trouble getting pregnant (Sorry for those of you that find that TMI!), but being pregnant has not always been easy for me. This is my sixth pregnancy. My first ended in miscarriage. It was horribly sad and lonely. That sadness was muted by the second pregnancy that resulted in kid #1. Although I had horrible morning sickness, I was never so happy to be vomiting (Again with the TMI!) About a year later we were pregnant for a third time. It was a perfect pregnancy and a lovely delivery. However, at four months old we learned of the prenatal birth defects kid #2 had suffered and pregnancy #4 was filled with high risk specialists and late nights worrying. And then we waited. I had been pregnant 4 times in 3 and a half years and we had one miscarriage, a child with Celiac Disease (kid #1), one with significant medical issues (kid #2) and a newborn. Finally, I knew I wanted "just one more" and I also knew I wasn't "getting any younger" so hubby and I began to discuss baby #4. Last summer we found out that baby #4 was on the way and due in February. We were all thrilled. My kids were so excited. At dinner we would talk about were that baby would sit, sleep, be called. We had all the prenatal tests. I had seen 3-4 ultrasounds. Then on a routine exam...no heartbeat...no movement...I was devastated. We all were. After 11 of the longest hours of my life I delivered a small, but perfectly developed baby girl. We named her Mary Grace. Because I prayed Hail Mary, full of Grace...for 11 hours!

And now we are pregnant again. It feels different, I feel movement. We have past the time in the pregnancy where I lost Mary Grace, so I was finally ready to tell. And now pregnancy #6, our sixth try to make of family of six. And a tiny guardian angel watching over all of us. God planned it perfectly if you ask me.

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