Friday, February 19, 2010

Schooling and all that comes with it!

This post is off of the subject of my current quest to save $5000. I have been wrestling with the subject of schools for my kids. It all seemed so easy in the beginning. We live in a great school district - one of the best around. As a former public school teacher, public school student, there was never any doubt that my kids would go to public school. Then theory became practice.

Kid #1 is a good student, high achieving, a quick learner, and loves (loved?) school. Kid #2 is a special education student with multiple impairments. She is social and friendly, but has significant cognitive delays. The gap between her and her peers is widening. Kid # 3 is in preschool and that is tuition based (remember my $5000 challenge).

So here is where it gets tricky. Kid #1 struggles with staying interested. He is interested in all kinds of stuff, but finds the worksheet approach to learning less than interesting. Kid #2 has a different set of educational expectations. I worry that because she is not a "typical" learner she will be looked over and left behind. Kid #3 is a regular kid, but at just turned 4, we have yet to determine what she is capable of!

I have read more education theory than I did in the College of Ed. I have looked at High Scope, Montessori, private, Christian, Catholic, and then homeschooling. What? That can't be a real educational option, can it? It turns out it is. It is a real way to educate kids at their own speed, reinforcing their own strengths and imparting family values. I have read more books about homeschooling theory, methods, and values. I am impressed. One woman that knew I was looking as at a private, Christian education told me, "The best way to get an affordable Christian education is to do it at home." It all seems so easy...I mean, I am a teacher, right? Along side the budgeting quest I am on I am also going to fill you in on what I find out about our educational options and what conclusions I reach. There is no such thing as too much information, right?

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