Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Couponing and other successes

It has taken me a bit of time to email my latest couponing success. Our family was invaded by the norovirus. This was over 10 days of, well, sickness! Yuck! But I wish I knew how much it saved in groceries. The family existed on toast, chicken noodle soup, crackers and Sprite! Anyway, on January 30 I did another end of the month shopping trip and save $56 in coupons! Not as goood as last month, but pretty good. I also called Comcast and asked again if there was anything I could do to lower my bill more..."I'm thinking of cancelling our home phone," I said. The friendly and helpful Comcast representative offered me the introductory price for six months. Saving me $15 MORE per month, or $90 per year!

I also scored a free one year subscription to MORE magazine. (Thanks Freebies 4 Moms!) I am getting ever closer to the 40 year old demographic and since I am letting go of some of my paid magazine subscriptions I thought I'd try it. I got a free six month subscription the Thriving Families. This is a magazine from Focus on the Family. (Thanks "Cents"ible Sawyer!) This "savings" is $3.99 an issue For Thriving Families and $19.99 for a year of More.

We have let the Scholastic Book Order Forms go too! I admit it, I had a problem. As an English teacher, I wanted to get my kids books. And at the prices the Scholastic Book Order has I couldn't resist. Don't get me wrong, if you are looking for quality children's literature at reasonable prices these book orders are the way to go! The kids don't miss it because we go to the library once a week and fill a bag with FREE books. So far this year the savings is $5 per child (the amount I gave each of them to spend) per month (I have been saving since December 2009). The total $45! Now if I can remember to keep track all school year!

This month's total savings:

$90 Addition Comcast
$56 Coupons
$43.93 Magazines
$45 No Book Orders

Total: 234.93

Year to date: $1713.93

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