Friday, February 26, 2010

Lenten practice

This is the second week of Lent. So far, it is going really well. Like never before we have set this time aside as a time to prepare and reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus. Kid #1 is working through a book of daily Lenten reflections. He is enjoying the book and often completes it before school every morning. We have had wonderful discussions on the Gospel for each day. I am loving it. It is renewing my faith. We have begun a rice bowl through Operation Rice Bowl and talked about being like Christ and helping the poor. Kid #3 loves to find change and put it in. As I mentioned in my last post, we are also discussing the extra stuff we have and what will be the best uses for it. We have put several boxes in the basement. One is for the library (I have also mentioned that I am a recovering book order junkie!), one goes to The Salvation Army, and one is give away to friends (kid #1 found a "kiddie" tote bag with his name on it and is giving to a friend's little brother with the same name!). By the time we celebrate the Risen Lord, we should be decluttered and full of Spirit!!!

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