Friday, January 8, 2010

A couponing success

On December 30, 2009 I achieved something I had never done before. I saved $85, or one third of my grocery bill in coupons! It did take me close to 2 hours, but with a lot of planning and forethought I was able to restock our pantry for the month of January. In addition, I picked up some just plain bargains too!(Christmas tissues wipe noses just as well and were $0.75 per box!) Another addition to my triumph was that I had my kids with me. My 7 year old was so impressed! He actually enjoyed finding the products we had coupons for and seeing how much they cost before and after the coupons. We found close-dated Dannon Crush Cups. These are considered a luxury item at my house. They were marked down to $1.00 and as luck would have it for kid #1, we had 2 $1.00 of coupons! He was able to get 2 packages for FREE! It was the highlight of that night's dinner conversation. I got a free wet mop too! A bonus treat for mommy!

I have to thank the blogs I have been following: The New Frugal Mom, Mommy Snacks, Freebies For Moms, Centsible Sawyer, and Keeping Kingdom First.
They have tons of resources and tips for getting coupons and where to use them!

Next, I have gotten a second email address to use for the special offers, newsletter and deals on products I use so I can get coupons without filling my current email box. A couple of times a month, I go through the emails and find some great stuff (like the coupon for the free Wet Jet!).

I keep them all in a typical file folder and use them when I make my list. When I get better at this blog thing I'll add pictures. (Another goal for 2010 - technology!)

So I need to add to my savings total: $85 couponing savings for a grocery total of $175. My goal for food this month was $500. I spent $350 at the grocery store for the month and $100 for my fruit and veggie co-op. That is $450 so, I am counting that as an additional $50 savings. (Thank goodness for Christmas leftovers from Nana!

Year to date total: $1479.00

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