Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The New Challenge!!

So, clearly I have let this blog go...not posting for long periods of time, but I am hoping yet again to get it together. I have a lot of ideas, but never any time. I have realized (well, I knew all along) that I have spread myself too thin. I have felt compelled to justify my Stay At Homeness by volunteering for EVERYTHING. Here is a bit of my commitments (off the top of my head):

I am on the local school board. I am the treasurer of the school's PTO. I teach 2nd grade religious education. I work a flexible part time job. I offer babysitting for friends. I coordinate Special Olympics in our district. Etc., Etc.

In addition, I have signed my kids up for their share of extra classes and events. We are always busy, running, running, running around town. We never have time for the fun stuff or to just sit and play a game. We are rushed, tired, and overwhelmed. I barely have time to cook dinner, so we are eating late and fast...something has to give.

I also find that we a spending money for convenience. Late fees for library books, buying things for lost items then finding them, broken toys, and so on.

Here is my challenge: Downsize, plan, prepare, organize and spend less.

Here are a list of my plans:
  1. To save $5000 this year (by 12/10) by cutting back on current expenses.
  2. To create $$$ by selling, working, reselling items we have.
  3. To use this blog more. To document my progress, challenges, and triumphs.
  4. To create more family time. Spending time baking, playing games, reading and doing crafts.
  5. To organize this house. Declutter, organize, and put systems in place that keep it that way.
  6. To find things I enjoy and DO THEM! Mom's need their time too.
Well, only time will tell...I'll keep you posted!

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