Monday, June 1, 2009

Is it really June...?

No matter how hard I try to make this blog a more real and regular part of my journey, I just can't help but post once a best. Perhaps with the summer and the more relaxed schedule I can find more time to get my thoughts down. As the school year wraps up and the family schedule begins to change I am really looking forward to summer. I love having my kids home. Don't get me wrong, they go to camps, lessons and a vacation bible school or 2, but I love the more relaxed nature of heading to the library for an afternoon, or eating lunch in the backyard, or going to the lake for a whole week.

In addition to all that summer goodness, I have added a vegetable and meat CSA to our summer. The kids and I went to visit "our farm" (as the kids call it) where we get our vegetables. It was fun. It was educational. The kids walked through the hen house and chased chickens. We saw actual fresh eggs. It is so comforting knowing where your food is coming from. I am so sorry I hadn't figured that out before now. I am planning on keeping our summer grocery budget lower because the produce and meat is already coming. I'll keep you posted on how that is going.

Finally, I am thinking of going back to work. No one panic - part time. This economy is forcing me to think about how we live and whether we can do with less. Well, of course we CAN, but WILL we. I think of all the things my kids have and do that I didn't. For example, my kids eat out once a week(sometimes twice). We made homemade pizzas once a week as kids and once a MONTH we ordered out. My mom bought boxes of ice cream treats as opposed to the ice cream truck, or in the case of my kids, DQ. We borrowed books and tapes (and they were tapes!!) from the library. My kids do too, but only as a supplement to the book orders and trips to Borders. I am currently spring cleaning the house only to realize...we have a lot of stuff. More than one of a lot of things. Clothes with tags, toys unopened, stuff unused. I am going to ebay, craig's list and garage sale quite a bit of it. Not only in the hopes of making a few bucks, but how can you really appreciate all that you have when you can't find it.

It should be interesting how it all shakes out and whether or not I am able to get it all together this summer. I hope to post again before July and see!

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