Thursday, May 7, 2009

Choices...too many choices

I have had several choices to consider in the past couple of weeks on behalf of my children.

First, summer plans need to be made no later than April 1. I have poured over catalogs, pamphlets, and websites. I have talked to other parents and checked our budget. I have laid out the calendars of all three children and worked to make sure that we never have to be anywhere at the same time. I have made sure that there is a delicate balance between organized programs and summer recreation. It has resulted in a matrix like no other. There must have been more than 50 choices to consider. Some cheap, some pricey. Some religious, some adventurous. Some educational, some just for fun. Some I never even looked at because I couldn't handle one more choice.

Next, preschool decisions...For kid #2 and #3. For kid #2 the decision has been emotional and full of questions. Because she has special needs (a condition I like to refer to as having her own timeline!) there are so many things to consider. This year the teachers in her preschool (for kids on their own timeline) recommended a "typical" preschool experience for next year. I have so many things to consider and this too came with a list of 4 or so options and those options came with 1-2 options. I have since come up with a fifth option on my own. A story for another post. In a resent report from the preschool that kid #3 goes to informs me that she does not talk, she is emotionless, and follows a teacher around. I thought I was doing her a favor by sending her to preschool 1 day a week just to get used to being alone, visiting with other kids her age, and having fun. I mean, I don't want to make the wrong choice...there are so many choices.

So, I have decided to spend the next few days just thinking, not deciding. I did not have all these choices as a child. I never went to preschool, but I read at 5. I didn't attend my first summer camp until I was 12, but I still am fine. I graduated from high school, college, and held down a jobs. There was life before all the choices.