Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Busy April

April is always such a weird month. Not quite winter, not quite spring. This year we have had snow storms, heat waves, thunderstorms, and everything in between. I love watching things green up and start to grow. This spring I have enjoyed watching as the bulbs Kid #1 and I planted last fall come up. He is so excited. I forgot what a miracle it all is. This month we have gotten our rain barrel, our composter, and my husband has built some really cute raised beds for a small garden. I never considered myself a gardener. I don't really like to get my hands dirty, but I am realizing how fundamental planting things is. Whether it is flowers or something we can eat, there is a huge amount of pride in seeing the results of your effort.
This has translated itself to my parenting too. There is a huge amount of pride when I see kid #1 caring for his sisters or kid #2 overcoming her challenges to accomplish something or kid #3 beaming from ear to ear when she has totally dressed in mismatched colors and patterns. It is so worth the early feedings, cleaning up messes and overall "getting my hands dirty". Being a mom is fundamental to who I am and who I want my children to be. The good news is I can admire those results more often than just the spring!

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