Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Since I have been on a mission to get the "stuff" out of my family's diet, I have realized that I need to get the "stuff" out of the house too. I was watching Oprah (Yes, I DVR it and watch the ones that interest me.) and it was all about cleaning up messy houses. The guy on that episode said that messes can cost I wondered? Two days later, kid #2 got a fever and I sent my husband to get some medicine at the store because we were out, again. I was sure I had just bought some. Another day later, kid #3 requested a Band-aid. (She is in that phase of her life that EVERYTHING requires a Band-aid!) I opened the hall closet and began another search. That is it! Just like the guy on Oprah said 15-20 minutes a day until it is done. I emptied the entire closet and I was amazed! There were 2 boxes of Band-aids and 2 brand new bottles of fever reducer. There is that money the Oprah guy was talking about. I have taken complete inventory of that closet, labeled and organized the contents and made a CVS list (a topic for another entry). Wow, what a difference! I have now done my bathroom, the kids' bathroom, and the coat closet. 20 minutes a day is making a difference and it is a lot easier to maintain.