Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Time, No Write

Alas, my goal to write more and more often has not been met. Tomorrow is another day! I have spent the last almost 2 months trying to put my family on the right footings to begin the new year.

First, I am learning to celebrate. We had our usual family feast for New Year's. We have crab legs, scallops, steak and all the fixings. We celebrate and dine and talk about the new year. Kid #3 had her birthday celebration not once, or twice, but three times. Then there was Chinese New Year. I spent some time teaching the kids a bit about it. Finding out what we all where...My hubby and I are rats, kid #1 is a horse, kid #2 a monkey, and #3 a dog. Yet another reason to feast. My kids are such adventurous eaters! Then we had our Valentine celebration it was fun. Writing Valentine's and talking about all the people we were sending them to. I realized that life is much more fun when we have something to celebrate, to look forward to, to work towards.

Kid #1 wanted to know if we could schedule Family Game Night on the first of every month. I think we will. We will also add Family Movie Night and a day every once and a while that each kid has my husband and I all to their selves.

We are traveling to Northern Michigan more frequently too. The change of scenery does us good. There isn't cable or great cell phone reception. We read, do art projects, watch movies, go for car rides, bake cookies, and play board games. My husband would be suprised to's kind of fun. We are going again soon. I am already planning what we'll do!

It is the little things I am learning to enjoy. It sure makes life easier when you have something to look forward to.

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